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By providing secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, AddSecure contributes to society’s sustainable transformation.

We live in an increasingly connected world. Our planet already has more devices connected to the Internet than it has people. Internet of Things (IoT) and data has the potential to reshape the way we produce, consume, and live. Benefits will be seen in every single aspect of our lives, ranging from more conscious energy consumption and product, material, and food traceability, to healthier lives and better healthcare. It is the basis for many new products and services, driving productivity and resource efficiency gains across all sectors of the economy.

As sensor-based and internet-connected devices multiply, they will handle even more life- and business-critical applications. This makes it more important than ever to handle communications and data in a secure and sustainable way.

We are a fast-growing company with an ambition to create a safer and smarter world. Sustainability guides us in our daily operations as well as in our innovation and growth strategies. Sustainability inspires us to create profitable smart business in new ways and by new means.

AddSecure's take on sustainability

Learn how we help our customers improve their sustainability performance and more. With our Chief Sustainability Officer, Johanna Giorgi.

Positive change through secure IoT 

Internet of things (IoT), blockchain and AI are having a transforming impact on economies and societies. At AddSecure we believe in the ability of these new technologies to create a smarter and safer world, and to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Using the Agenda 2030, we have mapped out how our solutions contribute to the SDGs today – and to identify areas needing smart and safe solutions for tomorrow.

We see it as our mission to help make the world safer and smarter. By providing secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, AddSecure has an opportunity and great responsibility to contribute to society’s sustainable transformation.

Johanna Giorgi

Chief Sustainability Officer

How customers use our secure IoT solutions to make a sustainable impact

Guaranteeing fresh, clean water requires reliable systems. Norrköping uses a flexible and safe communications solution to perform the task.

The joint solution increases the safety of students and employees and give parents peace of mind.

As sea levels rise and global temperatures change at a rapid pace, it is imperative that we harness the power of technology.

Through a collaboration with Jämtkraft and AddSecure, the 2019 World Biathlon Championships in Östersund was sustainably powered, with a lower environmental impact.

The City of Gothenburg takes safety and security seriously, and has therefore chosen to upgrade its security and communications systems at several of their schools.

Through a strategic partnership and clever design ASSA ABLOY and AddSecure aim for a safer and smarter world, all while reducing their environmental impact.

AddSecure's sustainability report

  • Learn how AddSecure's secure IoT solutions contribute to a safer, smarter and more sustainable world

  • Read our 2022 achievements

  • See our environmental and societal impact

  • Understand our strategies and goals for the future

Read the sustainability report

How we make our own operations more sustainable

To us, sustainability is also about managing and developing our own operations to ensure that we do not cause or contribute to any harm, and are aligned with the expectations of our stakeholders.

Giving telematics products a second life saws both emissions and raw material. With the ReMade recycling concept, LOSTnFOUND, creates more value out of less product.

Redeploying and using solar panels for their video surveillance towers helps Video Guard improve its operational and environmental performance.

Smart use of resources and a more inclusive workforce when recycling safety devices used in elderly care.

The shift to EVs is having a huge impact on the transport industry. Smart use of tools, processes, and planning and overall taking a holistic…

AddSecure is working with EGDC (European Green Digital Coalition) and its partners to estimate the environmental benefits of digitalization.

Smart business in new ways and by new means

As technological advances bring us daily benefits, they also raise complex questions and concerns about how technology will affect society and our planet. At AddSecure we have prioritized three areas to manage our direct and indirect impact.

Smarter and safer world

  • Optimize customer operations and lower customer emissions

  • Enable sustainable power grids

  • Create safer work and learning environments

  • Better elderly care​ and improve well-being

Smarter solutions

  • Ensure solutions are based on secure connectivity and data

  • Power our solutions with clean energy

  • Propose circular products and business solutions

Smarter company

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and drive resource-efficient operations

  • Create a great place to work, based on diversity, equal rights, fair business and engagement

  • Implement a shared commitment to sustainability with our supply chain

Pan-European report supporting the shift to more sustainable transports

4 out of 5 transport companies in Europe want to shift to electric vehicles (EV) or alternative fuels in their fleet, according to our pan-European study. The main drivers for the transition to a more sustainable fleet are the companies' sustainability goals and requirements from customers. However, the study also identified four key challenges that these companies face in making the shift. Challenges that can be overcome with smart technology.

Read the EV shift report

Awards and certifications

Our sustainability program is considered among the top 5% of all 90 000 companies assessed by EcoVadis, a leading provider of corporate sustainability assessments.

Swedish KPI Institute ranks AddSecure among the 10% most attractive workplaces in their Attractive Employer Index®.


Any thoughts or questions about our priorities and sustainability agenda? Please let us know!



Johanna Giorgi
Chief Sustainability Officer, AddSecure
[email protected]
Phone: +46 8 685 15 00


We help our customers contribute to a safer and smarter world

By offering secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, we help our customers optimize operations, drive business, and secure vital functions. This way, we help transform society and make the connected world a safer and smarter place.