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Data protection

AddSecure Group AB, Corporate Identity No. 559210-7402, or the AddSecure Group AB’s subsidiary with which you have a customer relationship (listed below), is the personal data controller for your personal data. We respect and safeguard your privacy, and we want you to feel safe when we process your personal data. All our personal data processing is in accordance with applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (“GDPR”) and other applicable national data protection laws.

Privacy policy

AddSecure Privacy Policy – English (master version)

AddSecure Integritetspolicy – Swedish (translation)

Personvernerklæring for AddSecure – Norwegian (translation)

AddSecuren Tietosuojakäytäntö – Finnish (translation)

Politique de confidentialité d’AddSecure – French (translation)

AddSecure Privacybeleid – Dutch (translation)

AddSecure Datenschutzrichtlinie – German (translation)

AddSecure Privatlivspolitik – Danish (translation)

Polityka prywatności firmy AddSecure – Polish (translation)

Política de privacidad AddSecure – Español (Traducción Española)

The Privacy Policy applies to AddSecure Group AB and, where applicable, its subsidiaries listed in the table on the page www.addsecure.com/about-us/data-protection/.


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AddSecure Cookie Policy

Personal Data Processor Agreement

As part of AddSecure’s offering, various mobile app based services or web based services might be included. When AddSecure processes personal data on behalf of its customers, AddSecure becomes a Personal Data Processor. The responsibilities AddSecure has as the Personal Data Processor are regulated in a Personal Data Processor Agreement. The following Personal Data Processor Agreements are appendices to the main agreement as applicable.


Personal Data Processor Agreements


If you have any questions regarding AddSecure’s processing of personal data, please feel free to contact our data protection team at:

AddSecure Group AB
Telefonvägen 26
SE-126 26 Hägersten, Sweden
[email protected]


Kiki Lehto
Data Protection Officer, AddSecure
[email protected]