Win-win when reusing connected devices in elderly care

Smart use of resources and a more inclusive workforce when recycling safety devices used in elderly care.

Waste of electrical and electronic devices is one of the world’s fastest growing waste streams, while production of modern electronics requires the use of often scarce and expensive resources. To address the issue of component shortage and to minimize its environmental footprint, AddSecure has established a group wide strategy to optimize the company’s use of resources.

In Finland where AddSecure offers tech enabled safety solutions within elderly care, the strategy has materialized into a partnership with the non-profit organization Väylä ry, that employ individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

Väylä ry advocates for better employment opportunities and conditions for individuals with intellectual disabilities, providing them with professional roles tailored to their strengths. By partnering with businesses, Väylä ry promotes a more inclusive work environment while ensuring more effective use of resources.

Recycling devices is essential for us as it benefits the environment and lowers costs. It's logical to use devices as long as they're functional. We're thrilled with Väylä ry employees who manage part of the process – handling used devices is a vital aspect of our operations.

Kaj Ignatjew

VP Operations, Smart Alarms, AddSecure Finland

Collaboration with Väylä ry

The collaboration will see to it that approximately 90% of all of AddSecure’s safety devices – such as phones and watches – are being recycled. The partnership also includes additional devices, such as door sensors and stove alarms, ensuring maximum reusability and minimal waste. The only non-recyclable component is the alarm button, due to its non-replaceable batteries. However, these buttons are used until their batteries deplete.

The safety devices have an average lifespan of seven years. Some devices, like watches, can undergo warranty repair or maintenance, while safety phones can also be repaired.


In short, the recycling process runs like this:

Customers return devices

Väylä ry employees unpack, clean, and repack devices, and test batteries

Technical support teams test devices

Devices are updated if needed

Devices are redistributed to AddSecure’s customers

Environmental and social impact

The recycling program for safety devices demonstrates AddSecure’s commitment to creating more value out of less product. By collaborating with Väylä ry AddSecure not only reduces electronic waste and its environmental impact but also furthers a more inclusive workforce.