AddSecure keeps its top 5 percent position among the 100 000 companies rated worldwide by EcoVadis

AddSecure's sustainability performance receives gold rating for the second year in a row by EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of sustainability ratings.

AddSecure, a leading European provider of secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, keeps its position among top 5 percent of the 100 000 companies rated by EcoVadis worldwide.  

EcoVadis methodology is built on international sustainability standards, covering 200+ spend categories and more than 175 countries. EcoVadis reviews companies’ sustainability policies, actions, and results across four themes: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

“Making it to the top 5 percent last year was fantastic”, comments Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure. “To keep that position as the thresholds for each level has increased, and the number of companies assessed has grown, is a true recognition of our company’s and co-workers’ commitment to sustainability.”

EcoVadis helps businesses assessing ESG risk and compliance, meet corporate sustainability goals, and drive impact at scale by guiding sustainability performance improvement across companies and their value chains.

“I am very happy that our efforts are being recognized. By offering secure IoT solutions, we at AddSecure help our customers digitalize, optimize, and streamline their operations with sustainability gains. Going forward, we will continue to build our secure IoT solutions and support our customers towards our vision to create a safer and smarter world,” says Johanna Giorgi, Chief Sustainability Officer at AddSecure.

More information about AddSecure’s sustainability efforts here.