AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge reduces 12 900 tons CO2

During 2021, almost 11,000 drivers participated in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge. The competition was a great success where about 75 companies, organized through 135 teams with approximately 7,400 vehicles, participated. The Finnish transport companies Powder-Trans and Ahola Transport won the most prestigious prizes for greatest reduction of CO2 and best eco-driving score.

AddSecure today announced the results from its competition within Eco-Driving 2021. The competition, called "AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge", is voluntary among AddSecure’s Smart Transport customers and is based on the AddSecure Eco-Driving Index. When AddSecure analysed the data, the improved driving behaviour proved to deliver major fuel savings. When comparing the 2021 results with 2017 (when the challenge started), AddSecure's calculations show that the competing companies reduced their total consumption by approximately 4,9 million litres of diesel on a yearly basis. This results in reduced CO2 emissions of approximately 12,900 tons and savings of about 7,4 million Euros.

To make the competition more exciting, the 75 competing companies are divided into 6 different classes based on country (SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, FR) and in one class for bus operators in Europe. During the competition AddSecure has continuously updated a performance chart to keep all stakeholders informed about the competition’s developments. On the performance chart, the leaders in three categories are presented:

  1. Largest CO2-savings in absolute terms (“AddSecure Eco-Momentum”)
  2. Best eco-driving average (based on 6 driving parameters)
  3. Best improvement of eco-driving index

See below the winners in the 2021 AddSecure Eco Driving Challenge in each class and category.

Best saving of CO2 per country during 2021* (Eco-Driving Momentum)

Country Company CO2-reduction (tons)
Finland Powder-Trans 167
Sweden Samuelssons 152
Norway Litra Gass 80
Denmark Stokholm Transports 72
Bus Operators Isaksson Karlsson Värnamo 66
France Ollier 24
Germany Team Logistic GmbH & Co. KG   20

*) CO2 savings based on estimated fuel savings through improved eco-driving index

Best Average eco-driving index per country in quarter 4, 2021

Country/Class Company/Team No drivers Average index during Q4
Finland Ahola Team Way Ahead 60 88,5
Bus Operators Isaksson Karlsson Ljungby 32 83,3
Sweden Hagéns Åkeri AB 30 82,8
Germany Götz Transport GmbH 37 80,2
France Bruneel 102 77,6
Norway Utne Flisbil 36 73
Denmark Arla Foods 340 71,4

Best improvement of eco-driving index per country during 2021

Country/Class Company/Team Improvement Q4 vs Q1
Bus Operators Isaksson Karlsson Värnamo 7,5
Sweden Samuelssons 7,1
Denmark Stokholm Transports 4,2
Finland Powder-Trans 3,6
Germany Team Logistic GmbH & Co. KG   3,4
France Ollier Transports 2,1
Norway Litra Gass 1,8

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